Established 1993 
Willamette Valley, Oregon


Since our founding in 1993, our focus at Bradshaw Vineyards has been to grow premium quality pinot noir grapes—and have fun doing it.

We expanded into Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc starting in 2017. Our vineyard is located in the South Willamette Valley at the “sweet spot” elevation of 450’-500’.  The soil is a marine sedimentary classified as Bellpine.

The Owners’ Touch

The owners’ touch covers everything from our stewardship of the land, to the care for flora and fauna, to the attention to the vines, to optimizing the nutrients in the soil, to allowing nature to run its course, to the way we work as a team.
We live on-site and work shoulder to shoulder with our vineyard team on every task throughout the year. We know from experience what needs to be done day to day, week to week, month to month, and vintage to vintage. Growing conditions are ever-changing, and by being on the scene, we are able to adapt to and capitalize on these changes.
We weave all of these elements together—nature and nurture, environment and spirit knowing that when combined, they are greater than the sum of their parts.

-Jim & Maria Bradshaw

Our Partners

The relationships we foster with our winery clients is of paramount importance to us. They are based on mutual respect and trust. Our partners can trust us to provide consistently clean, high-quality fruit, and in return, we know our partners will work with our grapes to make the finest wines. It’s that simple.

Our Accolades

Our fruit regularly finds its way into the Vineyard Designate programs of our various winery partners, and the resulting wines regularly receive ratings of 91 to 93 in the national wine press.

Our Commitment to the Land

Being good stewards of the land is at the core of our mission. We recognize our property is a special place to not only us and our customers, but also to the larger ecosystem. And because of this, we continually work to preserve it. Beginning in 1995 we partnered with the Long Tom Watershed Council in a restoration project which encompassed more than a half-mile of Ferguson Creek on our property. The goal was to improve the habitat for native cutthroat trout and other species.

In addition to this partnership, we have also taken steps to:
• Restore the onsite native oak forest 
• Open up meadows, wetlands, and grasslands for local wildlife habitat 
•Preserve springs and their native flora and fauna
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Our Team

We are a family owned and operated business. At the helm, husband-wife duo and life long best friends (since age 8) Jim and Maria Bradshaw operate the business onsite as all-in, sleeves-rolled-up owner-managers. A proud part of our heritage is Maria’s family background: she is a sixth generation immigrant to Oregon who’s family came over the Oregon Trail in the 1860s.

Jim and Maria’s shared passion for the outdoors brought them together in their youth and led them to run a walnut farm in the 1970s, where they dreamed of owning and working their own piece of land some day.

Two children (Jen and Leslie) and two decades later, they did just that. From the late eighties to the early nineties, the four Bradshaw’s hand-measured, tilled, and planted the first 800 vines and continue to work the land as a team. The wider team at Bradshaw Vineyards is made up of countless collaborators, for whom we are deeply grateful. Pictured here is our core operational team (left to right): Maria, Patricia, Ismael, Fabiola, and Jim.

These five team members are responsible for the seasonal nurturing of the 35,000 vines—from pruning to selective shoot thinning; from canopy management and selective leaf removal to fruit thinning and harvest—together these 10 hands touch each vine at least 15 times over the course of 365 days.

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